Our Product Range

Craft and design come together to create inspired furniture for bedroom, living, dining and outdoor spaces. We put our trust in nature’s creative talent, with unique grain patterns and a range of colors, we reach greater dimensions with wood as our partner. We understand the innate characteristics of this wondrous material, and with that comes the knowledge of the skilled craftsmanship and techniques through which it can reach its full potential and deliver value.




Bedrooms are a sanctuary, and our products are designed to create a reviving experience. Our wide variety of beds, bedside tables, desk and drawers are available in a plethora of options from simple to exotic, to style your dream room.

Layer your space with artistic dining tables, chairs, benches and sideboards, made with superior materials, for a modern home.





Bring vibrancy into your home with our range of inspired furniture, from sofas to coffee tables, for your living spaces.

Our outdoor collection is weather-proof, versatile statement pieces that are built to last. Add rustic authenticity, style and comfort to the outdoors with us.


Solid Woods

We have a deep respect, understanding and reverence for wood, which is translated into the furniture we build. This renewable material, with its versatility and aesthetics, emanates a vibe that is both modern and timeless. The natural strength and tenacity of solid wood make it a durable and value-driven solution for all spaces. We work with Walnut, Oak, Ash, Maple in addition to Mango, Sheesham and Beech, among others, which have been responsibly sourced. Selected by virtue of color, hardness, grain patterns and workability, it offers endless design possibilities that are unique and beautiful, just like the wood.

We use a variety of finishes that add numerous desirable characteristics to wood and give it an enhanced appearance. We also work with a range of processes, like staining and gloss, to develop a decorative effect to the furniture pieces, that make them distinct and attractive. We use waxes, oils, varnishes, shellacs, lacquers and water-based finishes. A choice can be made from natural, warm, rich, walnut, deep walnut, whitewash, grey, gold, silver, cafe, honey and grey whitewash finishes, as per individual preference.




The use of handcrafting gives a personal touch, and offers unmatched finesse and style to our customers. Skilled artisans create luxurious juxtapositions of rustic and refined, truly representing the age-old crafts and traditions of India.

Working with a variety of surface textures and mixing it with well-produced furniture is a unique specialization that blends innovative materials for an urban lifestyle.