Vertical Integration

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing processes enable us to carry out all stages of furniture making, from processing wood to the final output, under one roof with high standard of quality control.

Our production facility is set up with a high level of mechanization geared towards solid and panel woodworking. It is adept to function independently and is completely self contained. We have a paper corrugated board & box making machinery that helps us pack and ship furniture pieces exactly as per their specifications. This level of customization ensures that the robust packaging is exclusively designed in accordance to the proportions of the furniture, ultimately guaranteeing minimal damage in transit.

From raw wooden planks processed into safe, chemically treated and kiln dried lumber, then converted to highly accurate and machined furniture components, and finally to assembled, finished and box packed furniture, are undertaken at the same facility. The factory is also equipped to internally produce and ship high quality furniture to almost any part of the world with help from 100% internal power backed resources, and a high level of material handling and machining capabilities. Our approach ensures the products are of a fine quality, whether it’s one piece or one hundred.

We also specialise in handcrafted techniques and special embellishments on furniture. We bring together leading technology and artistry to create pieces that are made by the interplay of a wide range of materials like fabric, glass and metal, with wood.

With all spheres of furniture-making taking place under the same roof, there is a seamless workflow with a high degree of quality. Additionally, the fluidity of operations ensures a timely delivery of finished products.


Precision Engineering

State-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing techniques enable us to work with wood in the most astonishing new ways.

We use CNC Machining, that is computer driven design and manufacturing processes, which facilitate us to create highly accurate and skillfully engineered furniture pieces. This precision enables us to produce complex shapes and versatile designs that would be impossible to create using manual machining. Our technology-driven infrastructure, with the 5 axis CNC machinery, help us create a range of superior product lines, ensuring consistency, repeatability and reproducibility.

These elements combine to make products that are as true to form as they are to function, one that evolves with us and elevates the space, as the senses. Over 80% of our machinery is imported with leading brands such as Homag, Bacci, Biesse, Weinig, Buetferring, Altendorf, Balestrini, Holytek, Torreda, controlling 4 side planning, wide belt sanding, panel sawing, tenoning/ mortising, laser guided ripping, and various other machining centers.